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Opportunities for networking at the 6th World Water forum

Purna Chandra Misra, National Convenor of FANSA India participated in the 6th World Water Forum 12-17th March in Marseille. Isabella Montgomery, Communications Coordinator at FAN Global spoke to Mishra about his learning experiences at the forum.

Technology needs to be considered in its social context

Shafiqul Islam from Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), a member of FANSA Bangladesh, has lots of experiences with water, sanitation and hygiene promotion activities in his country. This year was his first opportunity to participate in the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France. Read about his experience in his own words.

Discovered at the 6th World Water Forum: a useful anti-corruption tool

When P. Rajamohan Reddy of FANSA in India attended the 6th World Water Forum in March, he found just the tool he was looking for. 

A resource of doable solutions

Dr Suman Shakya, Executive Director at Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Nepal, shares how participating in the 6th World Water Forum was was useful to him as a platform for networking with organizations at the global level in the context of water scarcity and sustainable access.

Raising FANSA and the GTF program's visibility at the global level

At the FAN Global side event at the 6th World Water Forum, Venkatesh Aralikatty, FANSA's GTF Regional Coordinator, presented FANSA's GTF work on Rights based approaches for Equitable and sustainable development.

Space for CSOs at the 6th World Water Forum very superficial

Eklavya Prasad, a campaigner with Megh Pani Abhiyan (Cloud Water Campaign) and a member of Freshwater Action Network South Asia, felt that the space that has been provided to civil society in the 6th World Water Forum seems to be superficial, primarily because of the kind of symbols that the corporations were promoting.

Communities need instruments to access their rights

Masud Hasan, Coordinator for Watsan and Technology Section at Village Education Center (VERC) shares his learning from  the 6th World Water Forum. 

Hilda presents the CSOs commitments in the World Water Forum

Hilda Grace, a member representative from FANSA and the Butterfly Effect NGO coalition, presented civil society commitments at 6th World Water Forum 16 March 2012. Read her speech and watch a video of her presenting 

FANSA Pakistan members wins Tamgha-i-Imtiaz award

Malik Nazeer Ahmad Wattoo-Tamga-e-Imtiaz

At a ceremony in Governor House Punjab in Lahore on 23 March, 2012, Mr Malik Nazir Ahmad  Wattoo, the Founder and President of the NGO Anjuman Samaji Behbood, Faisalabad, received the 

Water, water every where but not a drop to drink-a Kollam scene

Long queue of empty vessels Water, water every where but not a drop to drink – a scene from Kollam beach area of Kerala (India)

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