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Access to Water and Sanitation for All and the Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the Americas

In the context of the Americas Regional Process towards the 6th World Water Forum, various public, private, cooperative, multilateral organizations and civil society came together to combine efforts for a constructve, objective analysis of the situation on access on water and sanitation in the region, developing solutions and commitments to achieve universalitation. This document responds to the work done by the various entities that form the thematic group “Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all and the Human Right to Water and Sanitation”.

World Water Day 2013 photo highlights

22 March 2013 was World Water Day and many members used the day to carry out advocacy to tackle the world's water and sanitation crisis. See just a small selection of their photo highlights.

Citizens’ voices need to be heard more strongly to achieve sanitation and water for all

ANEW's Executive Secretary, Yiga Baker, shares his reflections form the SWA Partnership Meeting. 

Second international water and sanitation fair - Nuestra Agua 2013

Nuestra Agua

FANCA, FANAS and FANMex, along with a number of other key partners, are organising the second international exhibition water and sanitation, Nuestra Agua 2013, in Granada next March.

World Water Forum 2012 - regional process of the Americas

This document responds to the work done by the various entities that formed the thematic group “Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all and the Human Right to Water and Sanitation”, coordinated by the IDB with the support of UN HABITAT and the active participation of FANCA, FANMEX, ABDIB, GWP, CNA, CEHI, World Bank, ANEAS, ASCE, AIDIS, CAF and the University of Nebraska.

Securing legal recognition for 1600 communities that are doing the government’s job

In a recent webinar Marc Mellin,  President of the Community Water District (Acueducto Comunal) of Concepción de Naranjo, discussed ongoing work to implement a legal framework to govern the activities of the Costa Rican Community Water Districts.

Challenges faced by the Community Water Districts of Costa Rica

Vanessa Dubois (FANCA) recently spoke with Marc Mellin (President of FANCA member organization) about the many challenges faced by the Community Water Districts of Costa Rica.

Transmisión en vivo del taller del eje temático Agua y Saneamiento

taller agua y saneamiento

Los días 7 y 8 de septiembre se llevará a cabo en el WTC de la ciudad de México los Talleres de los Grupos de Metas y Soluciones de las Américas rumbo al VI Foro Mundial del Agua.

Point sur les activités de FAN Amérique centrale

Fonds pour la gouvernance et la transparence (GTF)

En février, dans le cadre du programme GTF, FANCA a organisé le premier Forum régional d’Amérique centrale sur la transparence et l’intégr

Informe de actividades actualizado de la Red de Acción del Agua-Centroamérica (FANCA)

Entérese de las actividades más recientes de FANCA, entre ellas las últimas novedades sobre el programa del Fondo de Gobernabilidad y Transparencia (GTF), los avances en materia de incidencia política logrados por las afiliadas en los procesos de creación de leyes que afectan al sector de agua y el nuevo sitio web de FANCA.

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