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World Water Week 2019

Stockholm World Water Week, organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and supported by the United Nations water program to talk about global water issues and is being held annually. The seminars take place in Stockholm, Sweden from 25th to 30th Aug 2019, and their main aim is to create a world that is water-wise and leave sufficient resources for future generations. This year's  theme is ‘Water For Society: Including All’. It’s a six-day programme comprising 277 sessions, networking and social events that are attended by around 4004 people from 1197 organisations from 127 countries across the world.( Many of the Week’s over 250 sessions focused on water as a solution to challenges such as climate change and food scarcity. With the theme of the event being Water for Society: Including All, research was presented on the importance of integrating the perspectives of all ages, genders and social groups. FANSA Regional Secretariat has actively participated in the water week contributing to many sessions and startegy consutlations. The note gives you the details of all these. please follow to read about FANSA's contributions....

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