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German Rocha, Convocante de FAN América del Sur, se reporta desde la COP16

Entérese de la perspectiva sudamericana sobre las actividades en torno al cambio climático que se llevaron a cabo en Cancún el año pasado - en las palabras de German Rocha, quien escribe un informe detallado sobre las sesiones a las que asistió.

The first meeting I attended was with the contact group on adaptation fund, which was open to parties and observers. This was an interesting meeting where the civil society organisations raised the issue in front of many parties present in the room that civil society organizations should have direct access to the funding to implement adaptation projects and programmes. According to the rules of the Adaptation Fund only national legal entities and multilateral organizations accredited by the Board can access the funding for executing projects.

I also attended a meeting on the role of the Global Envronmental Facility (GEF) in technology transfer where two successful cases were presented: the first, on water use for agricultural production in Jordan and the second, on improved sanitation through waste management in Ivory Coast.

The Jordan project approach is centered on the link among technology transfer for agricultural water efficiency, climate change response and rural development by testing an efficient water-use technology that can remove contaminants such as salinity. The project focuses on promoting a community-based approach to technology transfer by directly engaging farmers and local stakeholders in the installation, use, and maintenance of the new technology.

In the Akouédo landfill of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, since 1965 the solid wastes have been dumped without any treatment or environmental safeguards posing serious health risks to the nearby population. Five million cubed meters  of contaminated soil from the site presents risks to the water table and a nearby lagoon. The project aims at the integrated management of the municipal solid wastes by the construction of a waste treatment plant and a industrial composting unit. This project is the first of its kind in Ivory Coast and in West Africa, and will serve as a basis for replication in the country and in the region.

I talked to the representatives from Panama and Honduras and requested the support from their governments to the proposal of The Water and Climate Coalition to place water management into th political commitments of the Climate Change Convention.

I also met the Global Manger of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) to ratify him the interest of the FAN Global Network in the design and execution of a global capacity building project with the SGP financial support

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