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Announcing FANSA's new Coordinator Siddhartha Das

FANSA's new Coordinator Siddhartha Das


Siddhartha Das joins FANSA as the new regional Coordinator. A management graduate with specialisation in Forestry and Natural Resources, he has been working with UNICEF as the HIV/AIDS Officer in its India Country Office in Delhi for 2 years. 

FAN Global secretariat open for business


After the closure in August, the FAN Global secretariat is now open for business again. 

FAN Global Rio+20 round up

The overwhelming feeling from civil society on the outcome of the Rio+20 conference was disappointment that the final text was not action oriented and lacked real commitment. That said, there were a number of positive outcomes as well as opportunities for the FAN Global network to take forward. 

FAN Global celebrates independence

FAN independence celebration logo

On 1 August 2012, Freshwater Action Network becomes an independent consortium.

Danielle Morley addresses delegates at Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum


Danielle Morley addresses delegates at the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum on, Enabling Achievement of Water Sustainability Objectives through Collective Action and the Water Action Hub (18th June 2012). 

The future we DON’T want


FAN Mexico, FAN Central America and FAN South America, three of the regional members of  Freshwater Action Network, are deeply concerned with the results of the Rio+20 Conference document, where the proposed solutions by the major groups and NGOs have been mainly eliminated, leaving a document without real commitments thus representing "the future we DON’T want".

"The future we don't want"



A representative of the NGO's major group opened the conference’s 1st plenary meeting on the 20th June 2012, with this frank and hard hitting statement at RIO+20. With many individuals and organizations now questioning the validity of the “Future We Want” document, can we expect further backlash from the 1000 or so organizations that refused to endorse it?

FAN South Asia launches new four-year strategy

FANSA strategy 2012-16

FANSA has released its new four-year strategy at the first annual general meeting of the new independent FAN Global focusing on the human right to water and sanitation, sector governance, equity and inclusion, climate change. 

Act now!! Sign on letter to save the rights to water and sanitation at Rio+20

The new negotiating text, redrafted by the Brazilian government needs improving! Even though we achieved to have the Human Right to water and sanitation mentioned on previous drafts, the current reference to the Human Right to water and sanitation is not legally binding once the reference to the UN resolution on Human Right to water and sanitation has been removed.

UK Government supports right to sanitation inclusion at Rio+20


On 15 June, the UK government, which until now has not recognised the human right to sanitation, announced that they are in a position to support the inclusion of commitments to the right both to safe drinking water and to sanitation as a human right in the Rio+20 outcome document.