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ANEW: We have a cause, commitment and capacity to serve the sector

Catherine Mwango, the vice chairperson of ANEW, addressed a meeting of FANSA and ANEW members for the first time during the Global Forum for Sanitation and Hygiene in Mumbai. She highlighted the work being done by ANEW and its member networks. For her, this meeting was a unique opportunity to come together and share. Read to her account.....

My week in pictures - Global Forum on Sanitation, Mumbai 9-14 October 2011

Last week I attended the Global Forum on Sanitation organised by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) in Mumbai.  I hope this snapshot of the week in pictures will provide a flavour of the week.

WSSCC's Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene

Global Forum on sanitation

On 9-14 October 2011, ANEW and FANSA members are joining WASH professionals from around the world to gather at WSSCC's Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene in Mumbai, India.

Message from ANEW's new Chairman

On 20 July 2011, ANEW regional network elected a new Board of Directors to oversee the affairs of ANEW for the next two years. Leo Atakpu, ANEW's elected Chairman, writes a message of his vision and priorities to members.  

Save Uganda's Mabira forest from early desertification

The government of Uganda wants one third of Mabira Rain Forest converted into grassland of sugar cane, an advance stage in desertification. This means government of Uganda has chosen to help Sahara Desert take over the East African region sooner than later.

Benjamin Arthur - video blog from AfricaSan

Watch Ben share his views on the added value of ANEW attending the conference and highlights from General Assembly.

Ngabaghila Chatata of the WES network in Malawi shares her impressions of AfricaSan

Mrs Ngabaghila Chatata, Coordinator of the WES network in Malawi, an active member of ANEW, participated in AfricaSan 3 and the ANEW General Assembly last week.

Newly elected ANEW Chair addresses closing plenary of AfricaSan

Leo Atakpu, ANEW's newly elected Chair adressed the closing plenary of AfricaSan3 with civil society calls.

Speaking of AfricaSan3

Lovy Rasolofomanana, WaterAid in Madagascar Country Representative, and Modrine Alumasa Sabwa, Water and Youth Africa (Representative of Youth to AMCOW) give two unique views from AfricaSan 2011.

AfricaSan 2011 digest

A digest of updates from AfricaSan3 and related resources.

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