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Jeannot Bosingizi nominée la femme de courage de la DRC

Jeannot Bosingizi

Le 30 mars 2012 Jeannot Bosingizi été nominée la femme de courage de la DRC par l'ambassade des USA à kinshasa dans le domaine de l'environnement la ceremonie a eu lieu au grand hotel de kinsh

ANEW members at Africa Water Week

Hear from FAN membersCatherine Ngaba (Vice-Chair of ANEW), Ngabaghila Chatata (Network Coordinator, Water and Environmental Sanitation Network, Malawi) and Hanan El-Amin (Founder & Chairperson for Environmental Union, Sudan) about their thoughts on Africa Water Week in a video from the event.

Progress at High Level Meeting of Sanitation and Water for All Partnership

The Sanitation & Water for All Partnership made good progress at its recent 'High Level Meeting' convened by UNICEF at the World Bank Spring Meeting on 20 April 2012.  Civil society advoca

AU Summit CSO Statement Summary 2009

A short summary or the Civil Society Statement from the 2009 Africa Union Summit

WES in national news for World Water Day

One World Water Day 2012, the Nation News in Malawi, published a feature on the WES network, the national civil society network in Malawi. 

Voix d'ANEW première édition septembre 2009

La première édition du bulletin d'ANEW, publiée septembre 2009

ANEW Voice September 2009 issue 1

The first issue of the ANEW Newsletter

Decent sanitation down the drain Voices from AfriSan, February 2008

If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. That sensible old adage, initiated in New York City's 1970s water conservation campaign, reminds us of government's focus on individual energy behaviour change (“go to bed early!”), when in reality industrial policy – hyper-subsidies for electricity-guzzling smelters - is to blame for our economy's carbon over consumption, world-leading contribution to climate change and now crippling Eskom load-sheds. Conservation is all well and good when there are explicit water shortages. But that's not generally the case when it comes to South African sanitation. After all, human consumption of raw water amounts to less than 12% of the total, of which the majority is used for swimming pools, non-indigenous gardens, and rich/middle-income folks' hedonistic consumption.

Introduction to Water in NEPAD and African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW)

This document, produced by FAN, aims to help build civil society's capacity to understand and engage with the New Partnership for African Development.

ANEW influence at the African Union

CSO statement with CSO commitments and recommendations for the Africa Union summit in July 2008 which was themed 'water and sanitation'. Includes details of ANEW's role in building the capacity of civil society to engage in the summit.
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