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Civil society messages for AfricaSan3 2011

Civil society statement presented at Africasan 3 in 2011

World Water Day 2013 photo highlights

22 March 2013 was World Water Day and many members used the day to carry out advocacy to tackle the world's water and sanitation crisis. See just a small selection of their photo highlights.

Les Compagnons fontainiers du Rwanda (COFORWA)


Les Compagnons fontainiers du Rwanda (COFORWA)  works for the well-being of local communities in rural areas of Rwanda by providing improved access to water by constructing water installations. COFORWA has more than 40 years of experience and is based and registered in Muhanga, but operates everywhere in Rwanda. COFORWA also provides training courses on water quality, water installations, and maintenance.

A Rwandan perspective: my messages for the post MDG development agenda

Christian, Executive Director of COFORWA

There are so many important issues and priorities to include in the future post Millennium Development Goal agenda. From my perspective of working on WASH in Rwanda, I believe that an emphasis on local and context-specific projects that prioritise water resource management and sustainability is essential as well acknowledging the role the private sector can play in meeting water and sanitation needs.

Ensure a water secure world for all – African vision for post-MDG goal on water

Baker Yiga

At the final African consultation on water I attended in Tunis for the post- Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) development framework, the overriding outcome was the development of a framework for a distinct goal on water.

The African Development Bank - a primer

This primer is a resource for civil society organisations active in the water and sanitation sector to deepen understanding of the African Development Bank (AfDB) at a time when its work in the sector is expanding. It is hoped that the knowledge will enable civil society to engage with the AfDB from a more informed position.

Advocacy communications - a handbook for ANEW members

This handbook provides some useful tools, methods and case studies to support learning and strengthen CSOs skills in using communications to support their influencing agendas in relation to policies, programmes and practice. Please note this is a draft version (2010).

Advocacy and Policy Influencing - Training Manual for ANEW Members

ANEW developed an advocacy training plan which aims to strengthen the capacity of its members to conduct effective advocacy. The manual forms the basis of its advocacy training courses and has been designed as a practical tool to assist ANEW members and staff in rolling out advocacy courses.

Urgent need for climate change impacts on water policy

The key messages from a recent UNFCCC technical workshop included an urgent call for policy considerations on climate change impacts on water resources and adaptation strategies.

Jeannot Bosingizi nominated DRC 'Woman of courage'

Jeannot Bosingizi

On March 30, 2012 ANEW member Jeannot Bosingizi was nominated 'Woman of courage' for the environment in the DRC by the US Embassy in Kinshasa.


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