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Nouvelles des membres: Pronatura souligne les progrès de l'environnement lors de l'anniversaire

En août, membre du FAN Pronatura célébré les progrès environnementaux au Mexique sur son 29ème anniversaire et s'est préparée à relever les défis à venir.

In August, FAN member Pronatura celebrated Mexico’s environmental progress on its 29th anniversary and readied itself for the challenges ahead.

In the past thirty years, Mexico has made significant progress on the environmental front. When Pronatura was first created, the environmental issues were concentrated solely in relation to air pollution and its affect on human health. 

Today, the country has a more robust and comprehensive legal environmental framework and environmental issues are part of the national political agenda.

The challenges Mexico faces have increased. The drive for economic development has caused rapid change in land use and resulted in the loss of biodiversity and the fragmentation of ecosystems. On top of this, climate change is affecting ecosystems and the distribution of species, which in turn threatens the welfare and the safety of human beings.

It is precisely in these difficult times when new opportunities arise to collaborate, innovate and seek constructive and sustainable solutions to environmental problems. The global network, which facilitates the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas and gives much greater strength to participating organizations, plays a key role in this. 

Pronatura thanks all those people and institutions over the years who have also believed in the environmental cause.

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