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– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Le droit à l’eau et l’assainissement

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The rights to water and sanitation is the most important theme for the network and from the early days of its inception FAN has been lobbying for governments to recognize water as a human right. Now a lot of work is also being done to advocate for sanitation to be recognized as a human right as well.

FAN Global's current activities include creating an Activists Handbook and working with the UN Independent expert on Water and Sanitation.

The Activists Handbook

To help civil society and those working on water and sanitation issues adopt a human rights-based approach to advocacy to improve water and sanitation service regulation and provision on the international, national and local levels. Directed primarily at community groups, human rights NGOs, rights-based development practitioners and aid workers, the handbook aims to strengthen human rights-based advocacy by providing innovative and practical suggestions that activists and organisations can use in their work. It also acts as a resource guide for finding further information.

Download the draft handbook

In the regions

There are lots of activities taking place in the regions, find out more in the regional sections.

Asia - Monitoring South Asian governments’ commitments

The South Asian network FANSA is monitoring South Asian government commitments following their recent advocacy success which saw south asian governments recognise water and sanitation as rights at the third South Asian Conference on Water and Sanitation. 

Find out more on FANSA's pages

Africa - Right to water and sanitation workshops

In Africa, ANEW have held a number of workshops on the right to water and sanitation and how it can be used as an advocacy tool.