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Lawyers join hands to promote WASH

lawyer's meeting FANSA Pakistan

FANSA Pakistan nominated WASH advocate Farzana Bhatti has championed the influence of young lawyers in Pakistan in the first ever initiative to harness the influence of lawyers for better water and sanitation provision.

FANSA Pakistan recently nominated Farzana Bhatti as WASH Advocate for Sindh Province. Bhatti, an advocate in the District Court, Khairpur, Sindh, is one of a number of WASH advocates nominated by FANSA Pakistan from various walks of life including education, law and media to support its sanitation campaign which calls on decision makers to stick to the commitments they have made to end the sanitation and water crisis.

On the eve World Water Day 2013 celebrations, Bhatti briefed a meeting of young lawyers on the World Walks for Water and Sanitation campaign in the office of the District Bar Association, Khairpur, telling them how valuable their support will be:  “Lawyers are indispensible for advocating WASH  issues in Pakistan.”


The lawyers discussed the water and sanitation problems in their areas and expressed keen interest to work on WASH issues and support FANSA Pakistan’s activities. This is the first WASH advocacy activity taking place in the courts and Bhatti believes that the participation and coordination of lawyers will draw the attention of the government to WASH-related issues and increase the participation of the stakeholders to campaign for the rights to water and sanitation.