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Naciones Unidas promulga resolución que legaliza el agua y el saneamiento como un derecho humano

“Llevamos 10 años trabajando por este momento” - Danielle Morley, del Secretariado, celebra este fabuloso desarrollo, en pos del cual lleva muchos años trabajando la red. 

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Today is a momentous day for all of us working on the rights to water and sanitation. The rights to water and sanitation have finally been made legally binding in international law with a resolution passed at the Human Rights Council. 

Well done to everyone who has contributed to this outcome!! The rights to water and sanitation is the most important theme for the network and from the early days FAN members have been lobbying governments to recognize water as a human right. As Danielle said in FAN's press release on the resolution, 'we’ve been working towards this moment for a decade'. 

Since the resolution was first announced at the beginning of September, we've all been working hard to influence our governments in country and at the council itself in Geneva and this time it's all been worthwhile, we've made a true impact, fantastic!! Let's keep up the good work and make sure we put this to good use by ensuring governments fulfill their legal responsibilities.    

Read our press release for more info

Also, keep an eye out for the Activist's Handbook,  a comprehensive guide to how to mainstream rights into your work which we'll be launching very soon.  

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