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FAN and the 16th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-16)

The CSD-16 took place in New York in May 2008. Danielle Morley, Jamillah Mwanjisi and Nathalie Seguin, coordinators of FAN, ANEW and FAN-Mex represented the networks and actively participated in events relating to the two-day water and sanitation review.

During the review, the UN Secretary General stressed that progress is too slow to meet the MDG-7 environmental sustainability targets and urged ministers to make best use of the International Year of Sanitation to raise awareness and accelerate implementation of the agenda. Read the full speech

Global Public Policy Network on Water Management (GPPN)

GPPN was launched at Stockholm Water Week 2007 and was established to enable a space for stakeholders to prepare together for the review of water and sanitation at the 2008 session of the UN CSD-16 and to catalyze the successful realization of the review’s outcomes. Danielle Morley, Executive Secretary of FAN, sits on the Steering Committee of the Global Public Policy Network on Water and Sanitation.

The Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) on Water Management worked with global stakeholders in preparation for the review of international water and sanitation commitments at CSD-16. The GPPN has produced a report on Obstacles and Constraints for the CSD, synthesising stakeholder inputs on how far CSD-13 commitments have been met, and outlining recommendations for the CSD. Many FAN members contributed to the paper.

Read the synthesis report (PDF 75Kb)

Read information about GPPN side events and document s on their website 

GPPN released two more papers based on their engagement with global stakeholders for the CSD:

FAN NGO Review Paper for UN CSD-16 

FAN drafted the water and sanitation section of the NGO Review Paper with inputs from colleagues and FAN members for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 16th session in 2008. The focus of the section was on the 2002 Johannesburg 'Plan of Implementation', its commitments, challenges and obstacles and opportunities for mobilization.

Read the NGO review paper (PDF 165Kb)

ANEW participate in preparation meetings for the UN CSD 16

As a contribution to the work of CSD-16, the UN Regional Economic Commissions organized Regional Implementation Meetings (RIM). Abigail Takaendesa Mgugu, Regional Executive Director of Women’s Land and Water Rights in Southern Africa was funded by Stakeholder Forum to attend the African meeting in October on behalf of ANEW to push the water and sanitation agenda. 

Read Abby’s report from Africa RIM (PDF 185Kb) 

Read more analysis by an experienced NGO participant of the last UN-CSD meeting (CSD-15) highlightimg the need for the CSD to be strengthened as the only forum on sustainable development within the UN. Read 'Closer to success than failure' (PDF 525Kb)


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