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Arpita Dé se joint à FANSA comme coordinatrice régionale

Arpita Dé

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Please welcome Arpita Dé who joins as FANSA's new Regional Coordinator.

After Arpita Dé completed her MSc degree in Geography (Presidency College, Calcutta) and Population & Development (London School of Economics), she worked in the charities/development sector of both, India and the UK. She was engaged in sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, gender, poverty and governance issues in urban as well as rural sectors of India.

In the UK, she worked with migrants, asylum seekers and people with physical disabilities and/or long-term illness on issues of exclusion, unemployment, rights and social care. She has now joined FANSA as the Regional Coordinator and is based at the Hyderabad Secretariat in India. Prior to this, she was working with the South Asia Consortium for Integrated Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERs) as a Communications Specialist.


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