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One third of the rural population in Latin America lacks basic sanitation

According to the World Bank, 33% of the rural population in Latin America and the Caribbean doesn’t have basic sanitation services. The reports, covering 19 countries in the region, will be presented on the 3rd Latin American Sanitation Conference LatinoSan 2013.

In the region the coverage of sanitation services, including sewage systems and sewage water management, passed from 80% in 1990 to 87% in 2011 in urban areas, a figure still distant from the 91% goal for 2015, according to the Millenium Development Goals (MDG). During this same period the sanitation coverage passed from 38% to 67% in rural areas. In these areas the coverage of drinking water services passed from 38% in 1990 to 64% in 2011.


“Latin America and the Caribbean has an historic opportunity to achieve universal access to water and sanitation befor 2013. The World Bank has two global goals: to help eliminate extreme poverty for 2030 and increase prosperity of the 40% poorest population. Universal access to sanitation services is essential for achieving these goals in the continent an the World Bank reaffirms its commitment with the water and sanitation agenda”, said Ede Jorge Ijjász Vásquez, Director of the World Bank Sustainable Development Departament for the Latin American and Caribbean.


You can read the full story (in Spanish) here.


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