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Lajana Manandhar represents civil society in SACOSAN working group

Lajana Manandhar


The Government of Nepal nominated Lajana Manandhar to the Inter Country Working Group (ICWG)  which was formed to prepare and manage SACOSAN V in Nepal next year. Lajana is the Executive Director of Lumanti and the National Convenor of JalSanjaal that hosts the FANSA chapter in Nepal.   
Through her representation at the national working group, she has been invited to represent CSOs at the next meeting hosted by the government of Nepal in Kathmandu on 27-29 November in which she hoped to see a strong and effective partnership between the government and CSOs at the national and regional levels, an adequate space for CSOs to participate in SACOSAN V and active engagement by CSOs to have their input included in the working group. 
"This will be a unique exposure for me," shared Lajana, "I will have an opportunity to understand how the agenda will be designed and I will speak up to make sure it works for civil society. Communicating with civil society is key to my role and I will ensure effective, two-way communications with CSOs.  I will make sure I will keep them up to date at the planning level as well as bringing their inputs back to the planning team."


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