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ANEW members at Africa Water Week

Hear from FAN membersCatherine Ngaba (Vice-Chair of ANEW), Ngabaghila Chatata (Network Coordinator, Water and Environmental Sanitation Network, Malawi) and Hanan El-Amin (Founder & Chairperson for Environmental Union, Sudan) about their thoughts on Africa Water Week in a video from the event.


The Fourth Africa Water Week Conference was geared towards creating better cooperation and understanding to help address key water and sanitation issues. It was also used as an opportunity to work with governments on an implementation framework for regional and pan-African priorities, as well as putting into practice the key recommendations and calls coming out of Africa Water Week. A number of FAN members attended including Catherine, Maria and Hanan. Here’s a snapshot of their reflections:

Catherine…“Enjoying the third day especially when Ministers were re-committing themselves from the higher Level Meeting in Washington in April….We need to incorporate the youths….”

Maria (Burundi)…“Gender is a critical issue when it comes to water and sanitation, because mostly women and youths are involved when it comes to water and sanitation issues. But when it comes to decisions they aren’t involved”

Hanan (Sudan)…“Africa Water Week is a good platform to be recognized as Civil Society Organisations working with AMCOW…We need to help AMCOW in finding a strategy for water and sanitation in the region”


Watch the full video which features more from Catherine, Hannan and Maria as well as other participants.




About Africa Water Week 2012

Over 1,000 people attended the event organized by the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) to discuss what further work needs to be done to meet the MDGs on water and sanitation, calling on African governments to honourtheir commitments on water and sanitation. Developing country governments’ are being called on to make water and sanitation services available to 100 million more African people. The main issues discussed during the five days around water and sanitation included:


·  Strengthening the role of women in water and sanitation management and

   involving them in the decision making processes

·  Increasing the participation of youths in water and sanitation

·  Developing a monitoring framework to help AMCOW and member states

   monitor how they are implementing the Jeddah commitments on water and  


·  Formalising the working relationship with the minister to leverage regional and

   pan African policy influencing and advocacy

·  Calling on the ministerial ambassadorship to advocate the implementation of

   water and sanitation commitments made which include those at AfricaSan 3,

   eThekwini and those during the Washington DC High Level Meeting and any

   other commitments at regional level.


Read more about Africa Water Week: James Kimba's blog 


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