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Water & Climate Coalition at COP16

The FAN team have a pretty unique mission amongst the thousands of delegates attending the 2010 Climate Change Summit.  As members of the Water & Climate Coalition, we want to integrate water management into the UNFCCC and are proposing that a space is created for inter-governmental to discourse on water & climate linkages and the key elements relevant to adaptation as well as mitigation responses to climate change (e.g. biofuels, hydro). For details we have a Discussion paper.

Yesterday (day 1) was spent concentrating on the opening plenary sessions to get the overview. These negotiations are notoriously complex both in construction and in content so it was with good fortune that I bumped into Martin, my climate change tutor from Imperial College (1999), here to negotiate carbon markets and MRV for the UK government. He gave me a good run-down of the latest politics and then somehow later in the day, something clicked.  I began to understand the different components, the links, the blocks and the coded language.  Well at least, I think I do, at least enough for now.

Confidence built, today I presented our proposal for a Work Programme on Water to delegations: Uganda (after making an intervention on adaptation) and Belize (as Chair of SICA). It is unfortunate that no-one from ANEW is here to follow up, but I will do so tomorrow. Belize is already integrating water management & climate change and will table our proposal at Wednesdays SICA meeting.  Tomorrow, Nathalie, from FANMEX will meet the Mexican delegation and the CONAGUA Dialogues for Water & Climate will open.

Today I was told "you are right" by Mexico's Foreign Minister, Patricia Espinoza, who is President of COP16 CMP6, in response to my intervention, at a big NGO briefing session, highlighting water and climate change inter-linkages and the need for intergovernmental dialogue within the UNFCCC. I presented the WCC proposal and website.   Exito! 



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