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Towards a common strategy in Latin America

At the January meeting in Costa Rica, FAN’s three partner networks in Latin America – FANCA, FAN MEX and FANAS – proposed to work together to create a pan-Latin American strategy through which they will gain strength and work to achieve global impact.

During the meeting, FAN Global’s Board explored the proposal to form a Latin American strategy and agreed that a meeting to develop the strategy would be beneficial. This meeting is likely to take place later in the year.


Greater impact at the global level

By collaborating on issues of particular importance in Latin America – such as tackling lack of accountability and high rates of pollution in water sources and sanitation – commitment between the regions will have greater impact at the global level.

"As FAN develops, it is very important that the three major regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America have equal weight in our structure because it is in the presence of the three regions that FAN acquires its character as a global network," said Nathalie Seguin, FAN MEX Coordinator, "While it is important to respect the origin and the unique characteristics of the three Latin American structures – FAN MEX, FANCA and FANAS – it is also important to reflect and find the common issues on which we can collaborate for global impact."


Learning from the ANEW and FANSA

The Latin American networks are hoping to share the Asian and African networks’ experiences of developing regional strategies. Both networks have created useful documents despite the challenges particular to their own regions – of diverse populations and a multitude of languages – and should have many useful lessons to pass on.