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Strengthen the SWA at the national level to ensure grassroots engagement

FANSA member Laboni Shabnam (Dhaka Ahsania Mission)
I took part in the meeting in mid November which brought together over 120 SWA partners and potential partners (developing country governments, donors, development banks, civil society, multilaterals, sector partners and research and learning institutions) to review progress of the Partnership so far, engage all partners, strengthen the partnership, improve governance, agree upon a framework for how the Partnership and Partners strengthen the WASH sector, strengthen advocacy measures and work together to establish the future direction for SWA.
It is clear that progress is being made thanks to the partnerships with increased commitments being made by governments. However, to ensure this process can be monitored at the national level, the process needs to be strengthened further down. 
I came away with a clear idea of the role FANSA can play in strengthening the process the SWA process at the national level. We will work with the SWA to mobilise communities to play an active role in the monitoring of HLM commitments and put pressure on governments to meet their commitments through strengthening dialogue. We hope to establish civil society SWA focal points in each country to help in our contribution towards monitoring, raising awareness of SWA. 


Workable suggestion

You have rightly said we need to strengthen the SWA at the national level to ensure grassroots engagement particularly to raise the awareness and keep vigilance to the HLM commitments. The proposal of national SWA focal person will be a strategic move; can you please shed light on its complete structure and procedure to incorporate the wider voices?

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