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Sign an international petition calling on decision makers to act at Rio+20

Brazilian youth group Generation+20 has launched an international petition calling on decision makers to act at Rio+20. FANAS member Vitae Civilis is one of the project's supporters.

The TckTckTck petition for COP-15 reached 14 million signatures in only 4 months, and organisers believe this new initiative might go even beyond that - raising the conference's visibility and creating a strong document to be presented to governments and the UN. However, Game Change at Rio+20 doesn't intend to be such a broad campaign and will focus on building a strong support of relevant institutions and networks.

Visit to add your name.

The petition calls on decision makers to:

  • Define the institutional framework for sustainable development and take the first steps towards its implementation
  • Expose the fact that the technical and material conditions needed to promote global sustainable prosperity with social equity already exist, agreeing on adequate political and institutional conditions to make it real
  • Establish guidelines to a fair transition towards a new economy, based on principles that guarantee well-being and social equity in fair and sustainable models, contemplating both nonprofit and business initiatives
  • Utilize the conference’s high level and its large thematic coverage to make political decisions capable of disrupting the deadlocks in the UN’s ongoing negotiations, related to issues such as: climate change, poverty and inequalty erradication, biodiversity, desertification, international trade, human rights and employment protection, among others
  • Build and strengthen ties between political, economic, social, religious and cultural leaders all over the world, whose commitment is crucial to the solution of the challenges we face