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Shree Yasodhara Bauddha Secondary School's water management class

FAN member NGO FORUM in collaboration with WWF Nepal organised an field visit for 50 students from Viswo Niketan School to learn about water management and sanitation. 

In a break from the pressure of exams, course works and books, Shree Yasodhara Bauddha Secondary School initiated a 'water class' that imparts practical knowledge about water and sanitation among school children. Unlike other classes at school, this was a new and exciting experience for many:

"I came to know that a litre of water weighs 1 kilogram," said Kiran Shrestha, an 8th grader from Viswo Niketan School.

Many of us have learnt about water in books and all of us know that life without water is impossible but how many of us have actually realised the importance of water management? It's sad to say only a few.

With acute shortage of water becoming a major problem for many, it important to raise awareness among as many people as possible about how water can be managed and who better to start with than school students who represent the country’s future.

Students had the chance to observe models of watershed management, rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge which taught them the importance of water conservation and gave them an insight on how water programmes can build capacity in communities. They also observed different disinfection techniques including biosand filters and household disinfection techniques like SODIS, chlorination, boiling and filtration.