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Progress for water in UNFCCC

We are pleased to report on progress with our mission to create space for better consideration of water, within the heavy politics of climate change negotiations. 

FAN and its friends in the Water and Climate Coalition created sufficient momentum over the last 18 months, that governments negotiating at the UNFCCC inter-sessional meeting in Bonn, agreed to develop a technical paper on water and climate change linkages and that water is a new activity programme for the Nairobi Work Programme to take on board.  


This doesn't go so far as we wanted, which was to establish a specific Work Programme on Water. But it is progress towards our goal of ensuring that good water mangament and the human right to water is factored into adaptation activities, mitigation measures and financing under the Green Climate Fund.


The Water & Climate Coalition are preparing a Water Day at Durban COP17 negotations.  We want to counter the assertion that water is a 'sector'. We need to educate and illustrate about the centrality of water as a cross-cutting natural resource, upon which all social and economic activities rest and that underpins ecosystem health and resilience.  In the context of climate change and the impacts, it is totally foolhardy to pretend that water should not be factored into the decision-making. 

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