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Planning the a global campaign for water and sanitation

As a member of the EWP campaign steering committee representing FANSA members, I attended the campaign’s annual planning meeting at the end of January. FANSA is a key supporter of this campaign which calls for an end to the water and sanitation crisis.

The most exciting aspect of the meeting was the opportunity to plan one of the biggest global campaigns on water and sanitation. I used my professional skills, knowledge and experience in order to make a meaningful contribution to the global planning and pushed for the prioritization of the South Asian region as its coverage to the sanitation coverage is falling a way behind in the world chart.

Before attending, I collected updates from FANSA’s country chapters on the EWP campaign, in particular  on Keep Your Promise campaign, and highlighted our progress during the meeting. FANSA has already played a meaningful role along with EWP in designing the campaign. The subsequent implementation of the Keep Your Promises campaign by FANSA national chapters has started and the campaign is in the process of making major headway especially in terms of seeking the attention of the political leaders and other decision makers. The SACOSAN V meeting is scheduled in Nepal during 11-13 November 2013 and we have plans to incorporate the campaign learning and highlights into the SACOSAN V discussions which can ultimately draw the attention of the high level South Asian government representatives.

You can contribute your opinion by sending email to Siddhartha Das.

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