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New water plan for the watershed of the Amecameca's rivers

FANMex member Guardianes de los Volcanes participated in developing a Comprehensive Plan for Water Resources Management of River Subbasin Amecameca whose aim is to achieve "integrated management of water resources in the watershed, to help restore the balance between availability and use, and promote sustainable development in relation to water and its management."

Work will be performed simultaneously by topic and by area, and will be open to participation by all members of the Basin Commission. Along with five working groups, Guardians of the Volcanoes generate concrete proposals regarding the following topics:

1. Treatment and reuse of wastewater;
Upper and middle infiltration of rainwater;
3. Rainwater storage downstream;
4. Strategies to achieve balanced use of aquifers;
5. Monitoring and maintenance of water infrastructure.

At the same time, there will be dynamic intensive research and planning in the six areas of the watershed:

1. Rivers Area San Francisco and Santo Domingo;
2. San Rafael Rios Area / Tlalmanalco and Company (upper and middle);
3. Volcanoes and Chiconquiac area;
4. Ayaqueme-Chichinautzin area;
5. Agricultural-urban areas, Amecameca River Subbasin;
6. Lower Lake Basin area.

The project covers 11 of Mexico State's
municipalities and 3 federeal district delegations, linked to the Rivers Amecameca.