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New Sri Lankan chapter agreed at FANSA steering committee

The FANSA Regional Steering Committee meeting for the year 2012 was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 15-17 of October 2012 and hosted by Village Education and Resource Center (VERC), Bangladesh, which is also the hosting organisation of the Bangladesh national chapter. A number important decisions were made in the meeting including the setting up of a new national chapter in Sri Lanka.

The meeting included the following key decisions:


1. Election of Ramisetty Murali as the Regional Convenor: the present Regional Convenor, R Murali, was unanimously re-elected as the FANSA Regional Convenor for  another 3 years. His contribution as the previous convenor was deeply appreciated by the members and his continued leadership was sought for another term. All the members promised continued support under his leadership for achieving the strategic objectives of FANSA.


2. Constitution of task teams: three task teams were constituted In order to ensure thematic focus, shared responsibility, transparency and better monitoring. The task teams which have been constituted are Fundraising, Campaigns & SWA and Performance Management. Each task team has chosen a coordinator to lead the respective teams and work on the thematic areas. The fundraising team will be lead by R. Murali, Campaign team by Syed Shah Nasir and Performance Management team by Shafiqul Islam.


3. Appointment of Prakash Amatya as the Communication Officer:  The Steering Committee members took an initiative of reappointing Prakash Amatya as the Communication Officer. His role will be to lead all FANSA's communications activities. In a welcomed gesture, partner organisations including MARI (India), Poverty Alleviation Organisation (Pakistan) and GUTHI (Nepal) volunteered to contribute funds from their own resources in order to meet the budgetary requirements pertaining to his honorarium and other expenditures.


4. Opening of FANSA Sri Lankan Chapter: the decision was made to open a FANSA Sri Lanka Chapter which will be hosted by Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ). The secretariat and other members pledged full support and agreed to set up the FANSA Sri Lanka chapter by the next quarter.

Congrats and thanks

Dear All.


Congrats to Ramisetty Murali  for re election and nominaiton of  The fundraising team including our country representaitve Syed Shah Nasir and well congrats to Prakash.


Thanks for sharing the report.


Regards to all


M. Ameen Keryo


Sindhica Reforms Society