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My week in pictures - Global Forum on Sanitation, Mumbai 9-14 October 2011

Last week I attended the Global Forum on Sanitation organised by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) in Mumbai.  I hope this snapshot of the week in pictures will provide a flavour of some of the highlights. 

The week provided a precious opportunity to raise awareness of our added value, work together and inspire others.  It was excellent visibility for FAN Global, ANEW and FANSA, as we were able to tell lots of people about what we do, both in terms of individual stories and the networks.  Feedback has been very positive with participants inspired by presentations from Hilda Coelho from CRSD, India and Masud Hassan of VERC Bangladesh for example. Sharing our advocacy lessons, especially hearing from CONIWAS, Ghana was another highlight.


Patrick Apoya of CONIWAS, Ghana and Hilda Coelho from FANSA India, delighted to see each other again for the first time since 2006 at the World Water Forum in Mexico!






The FAN Global, FANSA and  ANEW closed roundtable was a great opportunity to tell our members about the future direction of FAN Global and for the two regional networks to learn about one another, their experiences and challenges.   Here, mixed groups are getting to know one another and discussing how CSOs are adding value to the sector.  



Interesting sessions, well put together throughout the week.  Hilda Coelho shone in the session on Rights to water and sanitation, where she talked about making the right a reality by bringing in those people affected, changing mindsets and holding duty bearers to account.  On stage here in front of a wall representing the perceived social, cultural and institutional barriers to sanitation for the poor and marginalised developed in the equity and inclusion sessions. 



The rooftops of Dharavi Slum – as close as we could get as no photographs were allowed inside.  A tour of Dharavi slum drives home the devastating scale of poverty and the public health issues faced by the people.  Witnessing the slum through the eyes of a a young woman from Delhi, a man from DRC, a Bangladeshi, Ghanian brought home the devastating poverty as they too could hardly believe the scale of the poverty inside.



Members were encouraged by the space given both in formal and informal sessions.  FANSA and ANEW meetings were lively and well attended.   Through sharing experiences both in formal sessions and outside, new friendships have been made.  Here Catherine Mwango, Vice Chair of ANEW and Arpita De, Coordinator of FANSA share a quiet moment after the ANEW and FANSA open side event which they planned and delivered together after having only met for the first time.



Championing role of Southern Civil Society in the regional sanitation conferences in a plenary  session on the last day.  Demonstrating the impact and added value and highlighting the additional support required to realise the enormous potential.  Phew! 

Read more about the session and presentation in full



Find out more about events that took place during the week

Mumbai echoes

Brilliant presentation of a week well spent!.

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