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Key message for Climate Change Negotiations, Doha


The Water and Climate Coalition, with input from FAN Global, has developed a number of positions with for the climate change negotiations in Doha. Please share this document within your own networks, with government contacts and others who might be interested.
Given the centrality of water change to climate change, the various UNFCCC bodies need to specifically and urgently address the role of water in securing a sustainable future.
This is especially crucial as the AWG-LCA and AWG-KP concludes in Doha, and work continues under the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP).
With this in mind, the Water and Climate Coalition recommends that:
  • Knowledge on water resources management is fed into the work of the Adaptation Committee.
  • The role of the Nairobi Work Programme is strengthened, and a thematic initiative on water is established under the NWP.
  • It is ensured that strategies to prevent, and recover from, climate related disasters are sustainable and contribute to safeguarding water resources long term.
  • The Green Climate Fund already at this early stage of its work, considers supporting initiatives that seek to build capacity in water management to address adaptation and mitigation.

Download the full proposals (PDF 673Kb)