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Fiona Bruce MP raises the question: do you take water for granted?

World Water Day 2011 has brought FAN's Governing Council and Communications Officers together at London, precisely when the theme for this year's WWD is water for cities. It is easy to think that the water crisis has almost only striken developing countries, or the very vast regions hit by natural disasters. But the reality is that big cosmopolite cities around the world also have growing water issues. Just as Fiona Bruce MP alerted us at the Westminster Walks for Water pre-meeting, "we take water for granted". Sheltered by our sewage systems and tap water systems, we never have to face scarcity and think of the problems related to water around the globe ... not until they strike us at home. But we forget that not so long ago the same cities we live in had no running water nor sewage, and that our grandparents had to spend some of their dayly time bringing water to the bathroom and kitchen. What would it be like if it was you who had to carry 40k of water for 9 hours every day so that the other members of your family could so much as drink coffee?

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