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FANSA nominates CSO representative into Sanitation and Water for All steering committee

After reviewing the Expressions of Interest received, the selection committee nominated Dibalok Singha as the first representative and Mr Syed Shah Nasir Khisro as the support representative on the Sanitation and Water for All steering committee.


Dibalok Singha's widespread networking and liaising with regional and global civil society as well as those nationally gave him the edge over other members. Regarding engaging civil society (CSO) members from across the region, Dibalok Singha is committed to using communication channels to regularly consult civil society. Additionally, whenever opportunities arise – be it from FANSA events, or from any other occasions like regional/global level forums, conferences, etc  attended by organisations and networks working on WASH or related issues – he will interact with regional members to reflect a true representation of CSO voices into the SWA platform.


He is hopeful that his personal relationships with many South Asian practitioners, thanks to his long association in the sector, will also assist in sustaining the communication mechanisms. Dibalok wants to examine what benefits engagement with SWA is yielding to the participating countries. He wants to ask, ascertain and assess association of all stakeholders. This would form the basis of challenging as well as assisting participating countries to make best use of the initiative.


Syed Shah Nasir Khisro, because of his long-standing involvement in the sector as well as his commitment to the SWA processes coupled with the fact that he hails from a different country as the chosen first representative, thereby ensuring diversity in representation, has been selected as the standby representative. Shah Nasir will be representing FANSA in the event Dibalok Singha is not able to do so.


Both Dibalok Singha and Syed Shah Nasir Khisro will be working as a team to strengthen FANSA and the larger civil society engagement in the SWA processes. The task team ascertained that both the representatives should very actively be part of the process for which there is a need to have a clear sharing of responsibilities. After completion of the induction formalities, this shall be done within a maximum of two weeks’ period.