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FANMex coorganizes the National Congress “Citizen and Water Sustainability in Mexico”

On December 7th and 8th the national congress "Citizen and Water Sustainability was held in the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City, with an assistance of around 420 persons from the academia and the organized civil society. This event was organized by a variety of institutions andorganizations who are aiming to contribute with proposals for the new Water Law to be build after the recognition of the human right to water and sanitation in the Mexican Constitution last February. FANMex has been playing a leading part in the building of this event, both organizing aswell as giving input in the development of the draft document that was the basis for the work during the congress.

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Enrique Leff, one of the main environmental thinkers in Latin America, held the teacher’s conference “Water Democracy, Human Rights and Life Sustainability”, where he guided us through the paradigm shift that the adoption of the human right for water involves.


Next a round table was held where specialists talked about the legal basis needed to guarantee the human right for water for the presentand future generations. Afterwards, the participants were in ten work-groups to continue the work and do proposals. These were:


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1.    Watershed management

2.    Water management

3.    Water quality

4.    Urban water sustainability

5.    Acuifer management

6.    Water and food sovereignity

7.    Water Justice, Hidroelectricity and extractive industry

8.    Water economy

9.    Education and culture for the paradigm shift in water management

10.        Water Management in the international sphere



Through presentations and group discussions, each work-group developed proposals for the new Water Law, The National Water Plan, citizen monitoring and a research and education agenda for the paradigm shift. These proposals were collected and kept being developed the next day.


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Finally, at the closing ceremony the coalition “Water for All Always” was set up, in order to do follow-up work to what has been done till now and keep enriching the proposals for the new law.


Well done FAN Mexico. Lets

Well done FAN Mexico. Lets hope it keeps moving in this positive direction