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FAN member Gram Vikas wins the Kyoto water prize

Congratulations to FAN member, Gram Vikas of India who were awarded the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize at the Forum.

Joe Madiath delivers his winning presentation

The Kyoto Grand Water Prize received over 400 applications and 30 were shortlisted to present in Mexico City. The winners, Gram Vikas, were praised for their excellent contribution to building peoples dignity through community-managed rural water and sanitation with poor and marginalized people in Orissa, one of the poorest states of India.

Gram Vikas received the prize of 5,000,000 to be spent on furthering the project.

Nine FAN members short listed for the Kyoto Prize

FAN was delighted that nine out of the thirty finalists invited to Mexico were FAN members and that four of them made it to the top ten as semi-finalists! This demonstrates the value of FAN members participation in the Forum and recognizes that FAN members are involved in successful and sustainable local solutions to water-related problems.

  • GramVikas, India

Building dignity through community managed rural water and sanitation in Orissa, First Prize

  • Anjuman Samaji Behbood, (ASB), Pakistan

Community involvement in provision of water and sanitation Second Place

  • Gana Unnayan Sangstha (GUS), Bangladesh

CBO turns into development in the SW coastal region of Bangladesh Semi-finalist

  • Maji Na Ufanisi (Water and Development), Kenya

Kiambui Water and Environmental Sanitation KIWESA project Semi-finalist

  • Ulew Che Ja, Guatemala 

Traditional forest and natural resource stewardship of the Maya Quiche in Totonicapn Finalist

  • Bread of Life Development Foundation (BLF), Nigeria

Integrating pro-poor policies into PPP:Lessons from Nigerias water reform process Finalist

  • Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS), Ghana

The Mole Conference Series: A Rallying Point for Civil Society Advocacy in Ghana Finalist

  • Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE), Egypt

National Community Water Conservation Programme NCWCP Finalist

  • Uganda NGO Water & Sanitation Network (UWASNET)

UWASNET NGO Capacity Building Programme / The role of UWASNET in building capacity of NGOs to effectively contribute to the sector goal in Uganda Finalist

Hideaki Oda, Secretary General of the Japan Water Forum, organizers of the Prize, said that candidates activities were excellent examples of what truly can be done to solve local water issues as a booster for development, using innovation and stakeholder participation. He hopes that all of the local actions presented will be scaled up and replicated in other contexts to help the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Congratulations to all!

Read more about the Kyoto prize, read the evaluation criteria (PDF 11Kb)