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Engaging young people in international climate change policy

Leo Tambussi

'Climate change and youth' is an interesting theme and I attended two sessions in Rio relating to it. I share the opinion of Syed Shah Nasir, from FANSA, that within FAN Global we could further explore how young people could be advocates for water and sanitation. 


As well as dedicating these sessions to young people and using the spaces to specifically target this population group, these sessions also served to share their experiences and highlight some important issues to bear in mind when approaching young people on advocacy issues.


Young people were left in charge of developing and putting together television shows that aimed to raise awareness among other young people. The results captured their wishes and motivations. They also had a voice and a vote in the decision-making procedures and their positions were part of final decisions. Taking on board the views of the young people in international policy-making, enables more creative and innovative ideas and solutions.


This is an interesting approach on how to engage youngsters in international policy who can sometimes be characterised by their rebellious character and I feel we should integrate this approach into FAN Global initiatives.

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