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Coming together is the beginning

FAN Nepal Convenor Lajana Manandhar raised grassroots voices at the SACOSAN V public launch in Bhaktapur on 21 October.


Speaking on behalf of civil society organizations, Lajana Manandhar congratulated Bhaktapur for being first Open Defecation Free district of the Kathmandu Valley and believes that the Open Defecation Free declaration program will add enthusiasm and motivation to delegates in SACOSAN V to come up with stringent commitments.
Lajana told the crowd, “It is historic that the opening of SACOSAN is taking place among the public for the first time in the history of the SACOSAN conferences and it’s become more glittering with Bhaktapur being declared as the first ODF district of the Kathmandu Valley."
Lajana said that she expected SACOSAN V to address the issues of the urban poor, marginalized people, women, children and differently abled people along with the considering possible measures to reduce risks of impacts of climate change on sanitation.
Further, she believes the SACOSAN V will be a milestone in achieving past commitments and will set new commitments to take sanitation issues ahead in the region to fulfil the  declaration of sanitation as the basic right of all citizen irrespective to the caste, creed, physical ability and safe from the negative impact of changing environment.