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ANEW and FANSA members attend SWA Partnership Meeting

CSO representatives at the SWA meeting

Eight FANSA and ANEW members attended the first ever Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Partnership Meeting in November which brought together SWA partners including Government, Donors, Research Institutes, Civil Society Organisations to review what has been achieved since the beginning of the partnership in 2010 and decide what future role the partnership should play. 


FANSA and ANEW members represent southern civil society within the partnership which aims to increase political will and improve aid-effectiveness by mobilizing and better targeting resources for water supply and sanitation. 


The representatives promoted their messages at the meeting during which they held a caucus. They also held a CSO meeting after the partnership meeting came to an end. Key points included:

  • CSOs to lobby the partnership to establish specific SWA CSO focal points in each country
  • CSOs to suggest and promote an SWA Country Self-Assessment Tool to monitor progress (to complement the soon to be introduced formal annual reporting format for HLM commitments)
  • CSOs to continue playing a key role in raising awareness and understanding of SWA among communities, the media, government officials and Parliamentarians (using tools such as HLM country briefings and Keep your Promises campaign materials)
The FANSA and ANEW members who took part were: Mubu Kalakula (Zambia NGO WASH Forum) and Hanan El Muddhatir (Sudan Environmental Initiative) you also have Laboni Shabnam (Bangladesh), Baker Yiga (ANEW Coordinator), Doreen Kabasindi Wandera (UWASNET), Musa Asumana Soko (Youth Partnership for Peace and Development), Dibalok Singh (Dushtha Shasthya Kendra), Syed Shah Nasir (Integrated Regional Support Program), PC Mishra (FANSA India Coordinator) and Anil Sthapit (GUTHI). 
Pictured are Mubu (top left), Hanan (front row, 2nd from left) and Laboni (front row, 3rd from left) with other northern CSO representatives at the SWA Partnership meeting. 
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