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Altered planet - major exhibition on climate change

390 ppm. Planeta alterado. Cambios climáticos y México

Mexico's first anthropogenic climate change exhibition, Altered planet. Climate Change and Mexico took place.

The course is based on the works of great scientists who explain the changes in our planet before and after the human experience.

After a tour of five rooms which explore the phenomena that have created climate change naturally throughout Earth's history and humani
ty, the following space illustrates the relationship that humans have had with their environment and how they came to adapt to it, an increasingly drastic change, to unsettle the natural balance. Then room 7: Anthropocene: explosion in the city!

However, the exhibition does not end with environmental disasters that many know, but instead offers a forest of sustainable alternatives in one of the biggest rooms.

The world and society form a living whole, a large ecosystem in which each party keeps a delicate balance on the others. To achieve a sustainable society, three elements must be linke
d and balance each other: cities, rural and natural areas or biodiversity. All intersect and form a larger network of relationships, in which the alteration of one means the alteration of the whole.

This room displays the alternatives that Mexicans have been developing in the search for a more sustainable society. It is in this room that the valuable knowledge of FANMex members has been incorporated.

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