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III Foro de Manejo Comunitario del Agua Chilpancingo - boletín de prensa

Boletín de Prensa

Conferencia de prensa hoy sobre el III Foro de Manejo Comunitario del Agua Chilpancingo

Se les invita a participar en la conferencia de prensa sobre e

'Caravan of water' raises awareness on water issues in Mexico

'Caravan of water' is a touring convoy of artistic activities and workshops raising awareness of water issues among communities.

Right to water is in the Mexican constitution


Mexico, April 28 (Notimex). - The Chamber of Deputies has approved a reform to add the fourth article of the Constitution which promotes the constitutional right of access to water.

III Community Water Management Fair Mexico 2011

III Feria de Manejo Comunitario del Agua México 2011

COMMUNITY WATER MANAGEMENT FORUM III - 8 to 10 June 2011, Chilpancingo, Guerrero.

Course on participatory methodologies SARAR

Learn and get involved in SARAR methodologies for SWASH programmes. 

Congreso Internacional Biodigestores

Join the most important International Congress of Latin Ame

Caravan for Water

Participate from May 15 to June 5. 

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