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Rights to water & sanitation

Walk the talk at the local level: it's water clear

As was said at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Development and the Environment session at House of Parliament on WWD 2011, water usually comes for free, which makes it hard for

Fiona Bruce MP raises the question: do you take water for granted?

World Water Day 2011 has brought FAN's Governing Council and Communications Officers together at London, precisely when the theme for this year's WWD is water for cities.

New resources from FAN Global

Read our new resources on rights and governance.

Manual del activista sobre el derecho al agua y al saneamiento

Este primer documento de aprendizaje en emerger del programa del Fondo de Gobernabilidad y Transparencia (GTF) presenta una apreciación general del trabajo de incidencia política que vienen realizando las instituciones socias en el área de gobernabilidad. Describe cómo se han utilizado distintas herramientas, menciona los avances logrados hasta la fecha, incide en las metodologías utilizadas para fomentar el aprendizaje entre las instituciones socias y extrae algunas lecciones comunes. Esta publicación será de interés práctico para la membresía de FAN así como para otros actores e instituciones afines del sector.

Droit à l’eau et à l’assainissement - l’assainissement - Manuel à l’usage des militants Manuel à l’usage des militants

Écrit à l’intention des groupes communautaires, des ONG de défense des droits de l’homme, des praticiens du développement basé sur les droits et des travailleurs humanitaires afin qu’ils adoptent ou renforcent une approche basée sur les droits de l’homme en matière de plaidoyer sur les questions liées à La Banque mondiale et le secteur de l’eau et l’assainissement.

Rights to Water and Sanitation; a handbook for Activists

Rights to Water and Sanitation; a handbook for Activists Written for community groups, human rights NGOs, rights-based development practitioners and aid workers to adopt or improve their human rights-based approachto advocacy on water and sanitation. It provides innovative and practical suggestions for promoting and protecting the rights to water and sanitation.

Continuing to challenge the UK position on the right to sanitation - churches get out in front

Over the last year or so, in advocacy on the rights to water and sanitation which resulted in the recognition of the rights to water and

SACOSAN IV briefing

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Bringing ‘people’s perspectives’ to SACOSAN IV

This year, we're working hard to bring grassroots voices to the South Asian Conference on Sanitation IV which I hope will finally bring us the sincere response from South Asian governments and leaders we’ve been waiting for.

South Asian civil society wins space at ministerial sanitation conference (SACOSAN IV)

A session dedicated to grassroots activists and community leaders will form part of the upcoming SACOSAN IV meeting in April 2011 thanks to the collaborative lobbying efforts of a South Asian CSO a

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