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Governance, transparency and monitoring

Rights to Water and Sanitation; a handbook for Activists

Rights to Water and Sanitation; a handbook for Activists Written for community groups, human rights NGOs, rights-based development practitioners and aid workers to adopt or improve their human rights-based approachto advocacy on water and sanitation. It provides innovative and practical suggestions for promoting and protecting the rights to water and sanitation.

The World Bank and the water and sanitation sector

This publication serves as a starting point for increasing the effectiveness of civil society organizations’ engagement with the World Bank. Beyond servingas a handy desk reference, the guide will start a range of discussions throughout the network on topics to deepen our engagement as a network.

Zambia case study - rights

How FAN member Zambia Water and Sanitation Alliance (ZWASA) worked with the government to include the rights to water and sanitation in the country's constitution.

Civil society calls for amendments to water conservation Bill

Reported by Alka Pandey, Lucknow

Civil  society called for some important amendments to the proposed Uttar Pradesh Ground Water Conservation, Protection and Development Bill at a brainstorming session on 10 March jointly organised by WaterAid India and FANSA (Freshwater Action Network South Asia).

Global environmental governance - what if we actually wanted it to work?

Every day I find new articles on relevant policies that I really should read.

Travail de gouvernance sur la transparence – vue de l’Éthiopie

Gulilat Birhane, point focal pour l’Éthiopie du programme conjoint WaterAid/FAN sur la gouvernance et la transparence, nous fait part des défis auxquels il se confronte – en particulier sur le

El trabajo en gobernabilidad y transparencia – una visión desde Etiopía

Gulilat Birhane, la persona focal en Etiopía del programa de gobernabilidad y transparencia impulsado conjuntamente por WaterAid y FAN, nos cuenta sobre los desafíos que enfrenta – especialmen

Tepozteco project analysis

Taller del BPD e IRDC con los diversos actores del proyecto Tepozteco

FAN member SARAR-transformation, together with all stakeholders in the TepozEco project, has conducted a review of sustainability in the sanitation project.

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