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Climate change

Apoyo a proyectos forestales indígenas a cambio de las emisiones de GEI producidas durante la COP16

Programa Neutralízate Pronatura México

Pronatura México, a través de su programa Neutralízate, lidera el proceso de cuantificación de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI) de la 16 Conferencia de las Partes (COP16) de la Co

German Rocha, Convocante de FAN América del Sur, se reporta desde la COP16

Entérese de la perspectiva sudamericana sobre las actividades en torno al cambio climático que se llevaron a cabo en Cancún el año pasado - en las palabras de German Rocha, quien escribe un informe detallado sobre las sesiones a las que asistió.

Plein feux sur les changements climatiques par FANMex

The process of adaptation to the effects of climate change is particularly important in the water sector, since water is the primary means through which it will impact populations and the environme

The scientific perspective on adaptation to climate change

On 29 and 30 September 2010, the National Ecology Institute (INE), the National Water Commission (CNA) and the Mexican Academy of Sciences organised a meeting of sc

Coalition to address water issues in climate change

The Coalition for Water and Climate (Water and Climate Coalition, WCC) is a global coalition that seeks to place water management in the heart of policy responses to climate change. It seeks to combine the various actors in the water community and promote an integrated gradually and international policies on water and climate change.

FANMex participates in the Dialogue on Water and Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean

Adaptation to climate change is one of the major challenges facing humanity, risking the sustainability of our civilization and our planet's delicate environmental balance.

Countries call for water to be addressed in the climate negotiations

CANCUN. Over the weekend, six countries from around the world called for water to be put on the climate agenda at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun. The countries highlighted the fact that climate change stands to have a significant impact on water resources, and stressed the need for further discussions on how this issue can be addressed within the climate framework.

Can we afford to not to highlight water in climate change discourse at Cancun?

This morning I had to rush Cancun Messe to catch the meeting of Water and Climate Coalition (WCC), in which members had to update each other about their lobby efforts.

German Rocha, FAN South America Convenor, reports from COP16

Get a South American perspective on the climate change events in Cancun last year from German Rocha, FAN South America Convenor, who gives us an in depth report on the sessions he attended. 

Kyoto controversy…. bad news from Cancun

A dispute over the question of extension of Kyoto Protocol beyond its shelf life expiry date 2012 has created water down effect on already “not so hopeful” climate talks here at Cancun.

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