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Promoting an 'accent of pragmatism'

In my last blog, I introduced to you the phrase the 'accent of politics' which describes the subtleties involved in the world of political negotiations such as the UNFCCC talks. These negotiations are not straightforward and transparent. For diverse and numerous reasons key aspects which one would assume would be present in the discussions are left out and the emphasis of discussions are disproportionately focused around certain issues. 

Still puzzled by water’s absence

Eklavya Prasad


In my previous posts, I mentioned water being conspicuous by its absence in the ongoing negotiations at Bonn. The fact that those posts were from my initial days in the conference, meant that I still hoped to contradict my initial perception as the week progressed. However, even after the five day conference, I remain confused with my impression of the space created in Bonn for water related issues.

Water conspicuous by its absence at UNFCCC session on agriculture

Eklavya Prasad

While reading the daily program I got attracted to a session in which contact group were to discuss on issues relating to agriculture at the Reger room. This was my first experience of witnessing a negotiation between the parties. The contact group was there to discuss on issues concerning agriculture listed under SBSTA 36 agenda item nine. 

A first timer's view of the UN Climate Change talks

Eklavya Prasad

Today was my 'first' for numerous circumstances. My first time in a climate change negotiations; my first day in the ongoing UNFCCC's Bonn Climate Change Talks; my first occasion of interaction with Karin Lexen and Karin Glaumann of Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI); and of course first day at Bonn in the open.

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