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November 2012

Key message for Climate Change Negotiations, Doha


The Water and Climate Coalition, with input from FAN Global, has developed a number of positions with for the climate change negotiations in Doha. Please share this document within your own networks, with government contacts and others who might be interested.

Citizens’ voices need to be heard more strongly to achieve sanitation and water for all

ANEW's Executive Secretary, Yiga Baker, shares his reflections form the SWA Partnership Meeting. 

Second international water and sanitation fair - Nuestra Agua 2013

Nuestra Agua

FANCA, FANAS and FANMex, along with a number of other key partners, are organising the second international exhibition water and sanitation, Nuestra Agua 2013, in Granada next March.

New Sri Lankan chapter agreed at FANSA steering committee

The FANSA Regional Steering Committee meeting for the year 2012 was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 15-17 of October 2012 and hosted by Village Education and Resource Center (VERC), Bangladesh, which is also the hosting organisation of the Bangladesh national chapter. A number important decisions were made in the meeting including the setting up of a new national chapter in Sri Lanka.