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December 2011

The politics of water in Uganda: today and tomorrow

In Uganda, where government has wholeheartedly embraced globalization as the way forward for development, water utilities are completely privatized. Unfortunately this has worsened corruption, degradation of ecosystems, excessive and careless consumption and wastage of water, contamination and salination of water bearings, aquifers and dams.

Latest funding and prizes

A range of funding opportunities and prizes.

Carbon Credit trading: the case of Uganda

There is a growing phenomenon sweeping the poor countries: land grabbing.  The World Bank estimates that in 2009 60 million hectares of land were purchased or leased in the poor countries.

Freshwater Action Network and End Water Poverty planning meeting report

In December 2011, FAN Global joined forces with End Water Poverty (EWP) for the first time to facilitate an international advocacy planning meeting for water and sanitation activists.

New book: The Right to Water: Politics, Governance and Social Struggles

Book cover

A new book has recently been published which explores how universal calls for rights articulate with local historical geographical contexts, governance, politics and social struggles.

No water in the 'COP'.

It has been almost a week since I arrived in this middle class city of Durban, one of the most expensive place on this planet. While the fooprint is very visible here and there, lot of good things in town easily deviate your mind from that sad past. One of them is the good signal you read in your hotel room: TAP WATER IS SAFE TO BE DRUNK IN OUR CITY. What a good news. At least, here...

Updates from FAN Global and EWP joint advocacy planning meeting 2011

On 3-8 December over 30 activists, influencers and communicators will gather at a joint advocacy planning meeting hosted by FAN and EWP. Follow the discussions here.

Videos: FAN representative speak from the Bonn Nexus conference

Watch FAN members speak their messages and their thoughts on the conference itself and their hopes going forward.

FAN members engage in COP17

FAN members Sena Alouka from Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement in Lomé, Togo, and Rolando Castro from CEDARENA in Costa Rica are raising the importance of water issues in climate change at COP17 in Durban.