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March 2011

We are not alone South Asia!

London, 22 March: This morning during the breakfast, Lajana Manandhar, FAN governing council member, drew my attention to TV news. It was about the public grievances in the public transport in London as they suffer space in the public transport due to overcrowding. We laughed watching it.

What does water scarcity really look like?

Water stress tends to be analysed and treated separately by public policy. It is approached related to food secutiry with concern for floods and scarcity and contamination on the fields.

Walk the talk at the local level: it's water clear

As was said at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Development and the Environment session at House of Parliament on WWD 2011, water usually comes for free, which makes it hard for

Fiona Bruce MP raises the question: do you take water for granted?

World Water Day 2011 has brought FAN's Governing Council and Communications Officers together at London, precisely when the theme for this year's WWD is water for cities.

New resources from FAN Global

Read our new resources on rights and governance.

The serious problem of urban sanitation

I live in a city called Hyderabad. It used to be a city of lakes. Just thirty years ago, there were lots of lakes and no drinking water problem. Now, with the rural-urban migration and commercialization in the city, the lakes have eroded and their sources have become polluted. There seem to be more skyscrapers than water. 

Take a pee, make a rupee

Did you know one person can produce enough urine that to fertilize 1 ropani (500 square meters) of land for a year? What’s more 1 ropani of land can feed a person for an entire year.

Shree Yasodhara Bauddha Secondary School's water management class

FAN member NGO FORUM in collaboration with WWF Nepal organised an field visit for 50 students from Viswo Niketan School to learn about water management and sanitation. 

Civil society calls for amendments to water conservation Bill

Reported by Alka Pandey, Lucknow

Civil  society called for some important amendments to the proposed Uttar Pradesh Ground Water Conservation, Protection and Development Bill at a brainstorming session on 10 March jointly organised by WaterAid India and FANSA (Freshwater Action Network South Asia).

Global environmental governance - what if we actually wanted it to work?

Every day I find new articles on relevant policies that I really should read.

Can a separate toilet educate girls?

It might sound strange to many of us that having separate toilets play a major role in improving the attendance level of girl students in schools. Does a toilet really have that much influence on the lives of girls? The answer to this question is yes.  A recent study has revealed lack of separate toilets for girls lead to absenteeism, which ultimately led to girls dropping out of school.