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October 2009

All talk, no action? Water and sanitation at the Millennium Development Goals summit

There was plenty of talk of water and sanitation at the MDG summit in September but, despite some promising mention of sanitation and water and their impacts on other areas of development, the outcomes did not include the crucial action needed to ensure targets are achieved. 

FAN receives appreciation award at ANEW General Assembly

Kolleen and Ceridwen with the award, both wearing one big Lesothoan hat.

FAN were humbled at ANEW’s recent General Assembly when they received an appreciation award for their efforts to support the network.


FANSA member receives Rainwater harvesting reward

FANSA member receives Rainwater harvesting reward

FANSA's Regional Communication Officer and Executive Director of NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation Prakash Amatya was awarded a lifetime membership of International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (IRCSA) for his work and dedication in promoting and popularizing rainwater harvesting system in Nepal.

Nepal constitution success

Thanks to the continuous lobby and advocacy of the consolidated campaign on Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) alliance, sanitation and water have been included as constitutional rights in the draft constitution of Nepal.